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Once reorganization, funding, and the health orders are lifted, our services will more than likely be a combination of in-person and virtual casework by-appointments. Walk-ins will be a process to provide basic information and to schedule appointments.

Food Program Changes: We’re no longer a distribution site for IV Food Bank’s USDA Commodities program

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English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language


In August 2014, SEMC partnered with the Central Union High School District’s, Adult Education (CUHSD) to offer access to the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. In a city with a predominantly Spanish speaking community, the ability to speak English is fundamental to gaining employment. The objectives of the ESL classes are to help students increase reading, writing, and conversation skills as a means to improve self-confidence and the ability to qualify for better job opportunities. Through CUHSD, each student is evaluated through assessment tests, placing students in the appropriate level of instruction from beginning, intermediate to advanced ESL classes. 

Classes are offered by semester and taught by CUHSD ESL Instructors.

Registration begins in August and January, Classes are held September-December and February-May. 

Please contact the center for schedule updates.

For more information on Central Union High School District, Adult Education, please visit their website at: